Enrich Your Music Listening Experience

Visualizes the history of a VOCALOID song with a bubble animation.
In addition to VOCALOID songs on Niconico, Songrium also supports music videos from YouTube.

Songrium Project

Songrium is a music browsing assistance service based on visualization of music relations. Songrium cultivates a deeper understanding of songs and their musical relations, and facilitates an expressive interpretation of music.

Project Leader

  • Masahiro Hamasaki (AIST) --- Management, Relation understanding engines

Project Members

  • Keisuke Ishida (AIST) --- Interface design and web implementation
  • Masataka Goto (AIST) --- Direction, Conception, Music understanding engines
  • Tomoyasu Nakano (AIST) -- Singing voice understanding engine
  • Satoru Fukayama (AIST) — Music impression analysis engine
  • Kosetsu Tsukuda (AIST) — Comment analysis engine
[contact] songrium-ml at aist.go.jp